Flexible Payouts

Set your own terms on payout, geographies, performance thresholds, and more all in one place.

Comprehensive Tracking

Place a pixel, go server-to-server, or integrate with a Mobile Measurement Partner to optimize performance in real time.


TUNE is dedicated to building the world’s best platform for advertisers and networks.





One Platform for All Your Marketing Partnerships

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Build, Manage, and Grow Your Affiliate Programs


Partner Marketing Platform

Everything you need to maximize your affiliate marketing ROI.

"With TUNE’s integrations, I can now spend more time with our partners building that relationship rather than explaining a hard-to-navigate affiliate portal."

Amy Reichert, Lead Affiliate Manager


"The TUNE fraud prevention tool has been a powerful feature in helping me as an advertiser police against unnecessary payments to illegitimate clicks."

Derrick Nguyen, Sr Marketing Manager

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"With TUNE we can track a single impression back to a revenue event, enabling effective optimization. That helps us to create a better ROI for the advertiser."

Jonathan David, CEO


TUNE's flexible SaaS platform provides the tools you need to build better relationships, including complete partner management, proactive fraud prevention, and comprehensive payment solutions.

Partner, Manage, and Pay Effortlessly

TUNE makes it easy to grow your business through affiliate marketing on mobile and web.


Customer Success Stories

TUNE is the trusted affiliate marketing platform for companies around the world.

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One Platform

Consolidate all of your partners, networks, channels, and campaigns in one central location.

Access to Quality Partners

Work with our Integrated Partners or recruit your own, and send conversion data to your partners' internal systems.

Program Optimization

Approve or reject conversions based on automated rules, with access to granular, real-time reporting.


Easily customize approvals, pay periods, currencies, and payment processes to increase transparency and trust.

Realize Your Full Partner Potential

See how you can work more efficiently with more partners and across more channels than ever before. Sign up below for a demo of the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform.

Build a Better Experience

Customize your program to align precisely with your brand.

Work Smarter

Increase Trust

Optimize across mobile & web via pixel and postback tracking.

Streamline tasks via end-to-end workflow automation.

Improve your decision-making with real-time reporting & data streaming.

Comply with global standards, including GDPR, SOC2, and ITP 2.x.

Rely on our world-class onboarding and global support team.