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StaffingNation makes it easy to manage your temp, contract and gig workers with full visibility throughout the lifecycle. Save on recruiting with our feature-rich Vendor Management System. 

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Contingent Workforce Management System 


Stay updated to legal norms along with GDPR compliance. 

Completely Customizable  

Customize your dashboard to fit your workforce.

Fast Onboarding

Complete the entire onboarding process in 18 minutes.

Simple and Easy

Track and report your entire contingent workforce in one place.

Unleash yourself from the big corporate program norms of minimum spend, inflexiblility, bureaucracy and one-size-fits-all solutions. 

StaffingNation's Got You Covered

Paperless Onboarding

Unleash a quick, flexible and completely paperless onboarding process.

Workforce Management

Manage exempt, non-exempt, commission, salary and outsourced vendors with dashboard and reporting.

Hybrid VMS

Scale-up from an onboarding tool to a completely self-managed MSP.

Talent Pool 

Build a global repository of workers and reduce staffing fees and hiring times. 

Cost Control

Ensure your team is managing costs with AI-suggested pay rates based on historical data.

Audit and Security

Keep your data securely stored, encrypted and SSAE-16 compliant with our audit ready solution. 

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Maureen, Management Consultant 

"This was the fastest turnaround for onboarding that I have ever experienced. I cannot express how relieved and happy I am that this was able to happen so quickly."

ERP Program  

What Our Customers Are Saying  

Terrie, Consultant 

"StaffingNation made the background check, policy and compliance testing, and onboarding process very very smooth. Thank you so much!

Biotech Pharma  

What Our Customers Are Saying 

StaffingNation gives you huge customizability with a whole suite of features. 

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