Real Estate CRM and Property Management

The Respacio Real Estate CRM is a powerful system to manage the relationships between your real estate business, buyers, vendors, properties and the various processes of sales and marketing management.

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Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency

Get More Leads

Integrate your advertising with multiple websites, portals, social media and more.

Increase Response Time

Instantly view all sales pipeline details to increase efficiency and start nurturing faster.

Automate Sales Processes

Improve the productivity of sales associates with streamlined workflows and task automation.

Real Estate CRM That Works With You

Respacio Websites

  • Create unique designs and load fast across all devices
  • Work in different languages across servers in any countries for the best possible local SEO rankings
  • Increase conversion rates of visitors to enquiries

Respacio Feeds

  • Distribute properties in multiple language to hundreds of global real estate portals
  • Quickly build new feeds compliant with any other system on the market


  • Manage all contact information in one place
  • Link contacts to each other and to properties
  • Auto generate property suggestions, send emails and send property details directly from the system

Property Management

  • Maintain all property information in one place
  • Customise descriptions and feature lists in any language
  • Generate lists of interested contacts as soon as a new property is added

Mailing Lists

  • Segment contact groups and send mailings fast
  • Use templates to speed up personal and bulk emails


  • Report on deals won, lost, new listings and new leads
  • Forecast future sales and ongoing transactions
  • See cost per lead, cost per sale and lead quality from all marketing sources
  • Auto log all emails and events to contacts and properties

Manage properties, websites, portals and marketing from one place.

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Grow Your Real Estate Business on a Global Scale

What Our Customers Are Saying

Johnny Wheeler

"With a need to grow and sell to multilingual buyers, Respacio has exceeded our expectations. We are now migrating our domestic sales to the system and expect to see the benefits there too."

MD, London

Jules Denny

"People speak many different languages and that was a real challenge before we took on Respacio. We customised it they way we needed, and now we are really excited to start using it for marketing too."

Realtor, Montreal

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Gain a competitive edge with complete control of marketing, sales and administrative tasks at your fingertips.

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  • Accept incoming feeds and properties from partner agents, MLS systems and any other marketing source