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"I love the fact that I can add a code if I don't want to use the configurations made available for a page. It is the best Rad tool I've used so far and has cut short the development time taken by half."  

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Information Technology & Services

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PHPRad helps you generate complete applications in PHP using databases like MySql, MsSql, Postgre, SQlite, and more. 

Deliver Complete Web Apps

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Advanced Rapid Application Development GUI 

Features to Generate Robust Web Apps

PHPRad is for beginners and professionals alike —  little to no coding experience required.

Components and Dashboards

Add components onto a page including record count, chart, dynamic multi-level menu, and sub-page.

Drag and drop components onto a page and configure them to suit your needs. 

Drag and Drop

Flexible Form Wizard

Create different styles of forms with validation tools, submit on Next, or submit on final step.

Dynamic Menus

Easily build different menu styles and positions (fixed top, fixed side left & right, and static & fixed left only).

"I really like the architecture, the way software was designed, and best GUI compared to many rapid PHP applications. Charts are awesome and easy to go  between tabs. You can browse without opening the browser each time after compiling."  

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Online Media

Advanced Query Builder

Generate complex SQL query with an advanced query designer and code editor.

MVC Design Approach

Enforce a clean separation of concerns between the models, views, and controllers within an application. 

Mobile Responsive Apps

Build applications in PHPRad that are highly mobile responsive to provide the best user experience. 

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Even More Features

Single Page Application

Multi-Language Support

Page Filters

Role Based Access Levels

Advanced Audit Trail

Custom CSS

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Publish and Deploy

How PHPRad Works

Create A Project and Connect A Database

Configure Your Application Design and Add Components/Widgets

Preview and Publish Your Application

Save and Open Project

Technology Used by PHPRad

PHP 5.2 to PHP 7

Bootstrap 4

Vuejs 2.5+





Chart js

Get Your Application Up and Running in a Few Simple Steps 

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