Analyze user behavior, better

At Mixpanel, we help you analyze how and why your users engage, convert, and retain across web, mobile, and smart devices. Then use that data to improve your business and products.

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Improve the experience

Get to the root of what is causing trends with machine learning.

Scale your business

Develop hypotheses and take action based on your data, all from Mixpanel.

Increase productivity

Gain a better understanding of your customers with accurate, real-time data collection.

Identify problems

Track the metrics that matter most to your team and how they trend over time.

"Unlike Google Analytics, Mixpanel tracks everything and can help you understand your customers better"

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Customer Service Team Lead

Analyze, measure, and improve your customer experience. Over and over again.

Mixpanel provides the world’s most advanced behavioral analytics and engagement.

Data infrastructure

Use a custom database for storing and querying user behavior data. Designed to answer complex questions without SQL.

Data governance 

Keep your data clean and organized from the start. As your business grows, ensure everyone in your organization has access to data they trust.

Data analysis

Use data to grow your business with out-of-the-box reports that makes it easy for teams to build reports and monitor KPIs.

Reports and dashboards

Keep a pulse on your most important metrics with Mixpanel’s easy-to-build dashboards. Share them with your team through email digests.

Data science

Utilize Mixpanel’s predictive analytics model, which uses past behaviors to surface which users are likely (or unlikely) to perform an action.

Messaging and engagement

Influence users, speed up innovation with tailored content and tests, and increase engagement with behavior targeting.

Pick your specialty. Find your solution. 

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Better understand your users with Mixpanel

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