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FlowTrac is a cloud-based and on-premise warehouse management solution. Get inventory, asset, and workflow solutions for commerical, government, education, and humanitarian organizations. Local, national, international.

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The inventory solution can track your items' quantities by each lot, total quantity only, or each serialized item's movement and activity.


Our asset solution manages condition, scheduled service, warranties, service order material and labor as well as check-in, check-out.

Work Flow

You need to track important information in real time. The work flow solution tracks work center movement and labor start-stop times.

Native Application

App supports online/offline signature capture, GPS capture/monitoring, barcode scanning, and picture capture.

Product Barcodes

FlowTrac can assign a different barcode than your stocking product number for internal organization.

User-Definable Categories

Search, find, and analyze inventory by custom categories and sub-categories.

Location Management

FlowTrac proactively tracks the warehouse location of each product with specific bin locations.

Cost Tracking

All transactions are stored to give you detailed audits on the cost fluctuations of your inventory.

BOM and Work Orders

Inventory products can be set to be built, and materials can be specified to produce the finished product.

Track. Control. Improve.

John M.

"Functionally proficient in all aspects of IMS. User interface and workflow is very intuitive. Customer support and communications like working with my next-door-neighbor (6 states away). Resolved numerous problems I didn't even know I had."

General Manager


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Adam W.

"FlowTrac is a great inventory system management tool. This syncs easily with QuickBooks and you can customize it to make it what you want. With FT, we have been able to get inventory accurate."

VP Of Operations


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FlowTrac works closely with Barcode and RFID manufacturers to guarantee performance on a large number of scanning equipment.


Our many integrations offer streamline accounting. Information can be pushed or pulled from other systems.


Multi-warehouse, multi-lingual, multi-currency, our cloud or your server  gives you the flexibility you need.

Multi-Device. Multi-Platform.
Future Proof.

Flowtrac offers a comprehensive array of tracking solutions for all industries. Contact us today and let's talk about your FlowTrac solution.